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Comboni Cabins is a multimedia Project that aims at collecting the historical memory of thousands of people who either studied at Comboni Schools or benefitted from the health service provided by Comboni Institutions. Through these witnesses, the projects intends to reconstruct the figure of Daniel Comboni and his impact on Sudanese society and the lives of those who benefitted from his legacy.

If you are one of them, you are invited to enter the “Comboni Cabin” and record your witness.
In a second stage, the Project intends to produce a documentary with the collected material.

Who was Comboni

Saint Daniel Comboni (1831-1881) was a holy priest who sacrificed his life for the good of Sudanese people in the XIX century and the first Catholic Bishop of Khartoum. He believed that Africa was to be regenerated through Africans. But this motto could just become a reality if those Africans were educated. At the beginning of the XX century, his followers founded a Religious Institute made up of Priests and consecrated Brothers who arrived in Sudan to continue Comboni´s work. Education became their main commitment in the country. With the Comboni Sisters, the female Institute founded by Comboni in 1872, the Comboni successors founded dozens of schools and some health institutions in the Sudan since 1901.

Daniel Comboni

Comboni Schools

These are some schools founded by the successors of Comboni in Sudan.

Comboni School
Comboni School